Why is living in an apartment complex better than a villa?

Living in luxury – Marbella apartment complexes have it all

In Marbella we are blessed with a huge variety of property to suit every budget. However, there is one area where Marbella really excels – the luxury apartment complex. Below we explain what constitutes an apartment complex, and why they are so popular for both permanent and/ or holiday residence – and which, in a contest between villa and apartment complex, would come out first!

Marbella apartment complexes – variety to suit all budgets

It is not hard to spot the wealth and variety of apartment complexes when travelling around Marbella. Thanks to the area’s perennial popularity as a top European holiday destination, apartments in Marbella can be great investments, whether buying to live or to rent as a holiday home, their long-term returns are almost guaranteed.

Depending on budgets, they can range from simple apartments contained in basic communities to ultra-luxurious residences that are becoming known as ‘sky-villas’, thanks to their size and opulence. Even the most basic of apartment complexes in the area will benefit from manicured gardens and often will have a simple playground for children offering a meeting point for families. Almost all also have a communal pool.

Marbella luxury apartment complexes, however, are in a league of their own. Offering spectacular style, lavish finishes and award-winning architectural design, all in a convenient package, they benefit from all the advantages of a single villa, yet with none of the maintenance duties. They come with specifications so extensive, their amenities wouldn’t be out of place in a five-star country club.

Apartments in Marbella can be great investments, whether buying to live or to rent as a holiday home, their long-term returns are almost guaranteed

The modern luxury apartment complex in Marbella

Imagine driving into an elegant residential area, coming up to an attractively styled gated security house with 24-hour guard and cameras. Non-residents will be stopped and checked, but you and your neighbours follow the gently winding driveway up to the private parking garages and storerooms. This sense of arrival is even more impressive in the evening when ambient lighting highlights the landscaped gardens. A luxurious lift takes you soundlessly up to your apartment.

Inside, the space, build quality, amenities, styling and finishes match even the finest villas – indeed, from the inside it is often hard to tell which is which. Beautiful open-plan living rooms and dining areas that flow on to top-spec modern kitchens and expansive outdoor living areas where residents can enjoy private pools and hot tubs.

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Opulent bathrooms and cosseting bedroom suites with made-to-measure dressing rooms complement such specifications as large terraces, extended gardens on ground floors, fireplaces or outdoor kitchens in roof terraces. Today’s luxury apartment offers just about everything a villa can in an environment where maintenance is carried out seamlessly by the apartment’s community.

The finer complex will in addition to security offer expansive landscaped gardens, often a choice of outdoor swimming pools and sunbathing decks, as well as a professionally equipped gymnasium, complete private spa with heated swimming pool, sauna, Turkish baths and changing rooms, and not infrequently even a reception or concierge service. Some apartment complexes will also provide sport areas for yoga or other outdoor activities. The sky is the limit in these luxurious residences, be they penthouses, garden apartments or the properties in-between, in the right apartment complex luxury and refinement are guaranteed.

Choosing between a villa or luxury apartment complex

Perhaps a few years ago, the choice between a villa and an apartment would have been an easy one to make. Developments tended to be basic and featureless, with few luxury amenities to speak of. Recent years, however, have seen design, specification and size of apartment complexes transform and the choice between these and single-family homes have become much harder. Now newly-built luxury apartment complexes are really giving villas a run for the money when it comes to opulent living in Marbella.

So how do villas and apartments compare? Well, while a villa may still be the dream for many and offer some characteristics unique to it, such as being an independent property that stands alone, there are many other features to be considered:

1 – Security

Apartment complexes are, by their very nature, easier to secure than single villas, being composed of a closed community. With gated, 24-hour entrances and CCTV throughout the zone, residents can feel safer than in a single villa in its own grounds.

2 – Extensive leisure amenities

Many apartment developments offer residents a choice of swimming pool, from cascading waterfalls, infinity pools and lap pools, some of which may be heated, as well as children’s pools and Jacuzzis – single villas just can’t compete with the size and variety of water features offered in the more luxurious complexes.

Outdoor sport areas may be on offer for sporty residents, as well as spas, heated indoor swimming pools and fully stocked gyms – many ‘mansions in the sky’ can feel like five-star hotels thanks to their extensive range of amenities.

3 – Services

Another area where apartment complexes excel over single villas is the provision of reception and concierge services. These services are becoming the norm as residents in luxury apartment complexes demand the same level of service they receive at their private members clubs at home, or when travelling around the world.

Concierge services offered by today’s luxury apartment complexes can provide whatever the resident requires – from chauffeur services to personal chefs, dinner or event reservation or personal trainers – the resident’s wish really is their command. This is a feature that really sets them apart from single villas, as residents can have their every whim catered to, whether they are full-time residents or merely enjoying a vacation.

4 – Low-maintenance living

While living in a single-family home offers a level of privacy, it also comes with a maintenance burden. Gardens, pools, driveways and house exteriors need to be constantly maintained – and it is an ongoing responsibility as, if neglected for just a short time, nature and the weather can cause rapid deterioration. Luxury apartment complexes are maintained as if by magic – or rather, the community manager ensures everything is preserved in prime condition without residents even becoming aware work is taking place.

5 – Lock-and-go convenience

Many luxury developments offer management packages that ensure the apartment is looked after while residents are away, so it is just as they left it when they return. This ‘lock-and-go’ convenience ensures owners don’t have to worry about maintenance and upkeep while they are away – they can simply close the door behind them when they travel.

There is a luxury property for everyone

The wide variety of property that is available in Marbella ensures that there is something for everyone. However, when it comes to the choice between luxury apartment complexes or high-end villas, apartments are beginning to win the argument. They are being devised by world-beating architects to offer often breath-taking elegance, yet are delivered in a package that is designed to be as functional and convenient as possible. When coupled with services provided to ensure that residents want for nothing, from a restaurant reservation to a helicopter ride, it becomes clear why these developments are so popular among discerning clientele.

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