Looking for property for sale in Marbella? Here are some helpful tips

Brilliant tips when moving to Marbella

Are you looking for property for sale in Marbella? Moving overseas can be daunting, with a huge variety of factors to consider, from organising employment, deciding on budgets, considering the exact location and much, much more. With all of these considerations to account for, the situation can quickly turn from exciting to stressful. Marbella has long been the destination of choice for holidaymakers and expats, thanks to the variety of attractions, eateries and nightlife, as well as the gorgeous weather, welcoming communities and friendly locals. When looking for property in the vibrant city, The View Marbella epitomises luxury living. If you’re looking to buy an apartment with a large swimming pool, a space with easy-access to spa facilities, or a living area with panoramic city views, our development has it all. 24/7 security systems will keep you safe, while a fully furnished gym area and concierge service will help you to maintain a luxury lifestyle.

Continue reading for a selection of brilliant tips when moving to Marbella, including advice on healthcare in Spain, transport considerations and the intricacies of exchange rates and taxes.

Why buy property in Marbella?

Whether you are searching for a retirement location with a fantastic climate, or a new home for the whole family, choose to buy property in Marbella. One of the most popular locations in the country for expats, the historic and vibrant city provides attractions for visitors and residents of any age. Famed for the lively nightlife scene, Marbella is just as known for the selection of fine-dining opportunities, shopping experiences and beach relaxation, with The View Marbella just a 5-minute drive from the coast.

Marbella is one of the most popular locations in the country for expats, the historic and vibrant city provides attractions for visitors and residents of any age.

Within the province of Málaga, Marbella is part of the Costa del Sol, and recognised as a hub of culture and community. The historic old town includes the ancient city walls and architecture from centuries ago, while the modern builds and refurbished marina area provide an exciting look at the future of the city. Its festivals, wine tasting experiences, mountain excursions and sunset sailing opportunities ensure that thrill-seekers and fans of relaxation both get their fix.


One of the first priorities for anyone considering the appeal of overseas living is the cost and reliability of healthcare. If you live, work or study in Spain, there are a number of options to explore, with the packages varying depending on residency status alongside other factors. All residents in Spain need to initially register to access healthcare. Once registered for healthcare, basic state services are entirely free. Registering should be fairly simple if you are classed as a permanent resident within the country or meet the criteria of being employed or self-employed and make regular social security contributions in Spain.

Residence Visa

A prerequisite to living in Spain is attaining a residence Visa, and as such, this is a process which must be completed before flying out to start your new life overseas. Though temporary holidaymakers won’t need to worry about this step, European nationals who plan to live in Spain for more than 3 months must register as a resident, and also on the padrón at their local town hall. Registry must be completed at Marbella Town Hall once you are living locally, and must be completed to allow everything from access to local doctors surgeries, registering a child at a local school and registering a vehicle. You must submit your residence application to the immigration office as an initial step, and will then further receive information and guidance from authorities local to the province.

New property Marbella

When considering beautiful property for sale in Marbella, you will want to consider the locality of popular attractions, facilities available, luxury and personalisation. Though there are constantly new apartment complexes and homes being built around the vibrant city, The View Marbella provides arguably one of the most well-rounded options. The complex is located helpfully between Marbella and Benahavís, and Benahavis properties are within quick and easy reach of the beaches and town centres. Live a life of luxury and relaxation with the impeccable facilities, optional additions to your living space and concierge services at your convenience.

Transport considerations

Whether you’re planning to explore the local area in a car, or you want to make use of the many public transport solutions available within the area, there are a number of options to ponder. Though Marbella is situated on the coast, it remains one of the most important tourist cities of the Costa del Sol, meaning that there are plenty of ways to get around. While the docks of Puerto Banús and the Puerto de la Bajadilla are permitted to dock cruise ships and tourist boats, the Costa del Sol railway is expected to be constructed within the next few years, leading to easy transport throughout the region. In the meantime, the nearby Fuengirola station is the most efficient form of rail travel. For those without their own transport, residents of the municipality can make the most of free mobility via local urban bus lines, with intercity services connecting to other popular tourist destinations, including Madrid and Barcelona.

Learning the language

Although Spanish is of course the most widely spoken language in Marbella and the surrounding cities, there are large expat communities living in Benahavis properties. There are clusters of residents from English-speaking countries such as England, Scotland, Australia and The USA, meaning that there is a large community of native English speakers locally, while a large portion of the expat community have travelled from other European nations such as Holland, Germany and France. Learning Spanish is surprisingly easy when studied in bite-sized chunks within organised lessons and timeslots, with a large number of apps, classes and online tutorials available to assist. Familiarising yourself with basic Spanish will be helpful long-term if you’re becoming a permanent resident within the sunny province of Málaga.

Exchange rates and taxes

Spain has used the Euro alongside an array of other EU member states since 1999, and at the time of writing, 1 Euro is equivalent to 0.84 Pound Sterling. As you would expect, the exchange rate is constantly changing, so consult this before making any decisions. To avoid being taxed twice when visiting or settling down in Spain, you must inform domestic customs services that you are a tax resident in Spain. Spanish wealth tax also exists to regulate the assets of an individual residing within the country, so anyone wary of this should consult a tax advisor for assistance.


Insurance packages are widely available which are tailored specifically for expats, allowing new residents to tailor packages towards their healthcare needs, lifestyle decisions and workplace specifics. Individuals living and working abroad should be particularly careful when organising insurance packages. Some packages include services as varied as dental plans, travel security and income protection. Looking around for the best deals will reveal the plans most relevant to your circumstances.

The View Marbella: buy apartment in Marbella, Spain

At The View Marbella, we prioritise comfort, practicality and a premium experience for all of our residents. Our unique boutique development is set within the natural surroundings, blending seamlessly with the iconic Sierra Blanca mountain range. The city of Marbella is a favourite with locals, residents and holidaymakers, and it won’t take long for you to realise why. Our expert team have endeavoured to select only the highest quality materials in construction of apartments and facilities, and our customisation program gives you flexibility to make the space your very own, suiting individual requirements. Whether you prefer a modern living area with plenty of space to relax, or a luxurious master bedroom and several smaller rooms for the kids, we’re here to help out when you decide to buy property in Marbella or consider Benahavis properties.

With an extensive knowledge of contemporary architecture and modern building processes, we ensure that the quality of living for residents in their new living space is sky-high. We can offer the option of 2, 3 or 4 bedroom apartments dependent on your needs, with differing floor plans to satisfy individual specifications and lifestyle needs. When you choose us, you’re deciding to settle down in a beautiful region of Spain, enlisting our help to craft the life you’ve always wanted. Stunning sea views, excellent services within the complex and a large space to relax are just a few of the benefits you can expect. Your dream Marbella penthouse may be just a click away! Simply contact us today and discuss the property for sale in Marbella with our friendly staff team.

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