How is life in a circular apartment?

How if life in a circular apartment?

In the past few decades, architecture has evolved to provide us with spaces that don’t just meet functional requirements but also promote comfort and luxury. One form of living space that we are beginning to see more is circular apartments. Some notable circular buildings include the swirling Guggenheim Museum in New York and the world’s first cylindrical apartment blocks, Chicago’s Marina City, designed by architect Bertrand Goldberg. These types of buildings are distinctive and striking, leaving an impact on the landscape while existing with soft lines and a structure that isn’t too invasive.

At Wilma Sierra Blanca, we aim to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to luxury property developments in Spain. Read on to discover what our circular apartments can offer you.

Why choose circular apartments?

Choosing the right property in Spain is a challenging choice. Whether you are looking for luxury or tradition, you’ll need to consider investment returns, location and your own personal needs and requirements. Luxury properties offer versatility, style and innovation and circular apartments are often the very best available when looking for luxury real estate.

These types of buildings are distinctive and striking, leaving an impact on the landscape while existing with soft lines and a structure that isn’t too invasive.

Steering away from the standard rigid structure of most apartments, circular properties provide a smooth and curved interior and exterior that is pleasing to the eye and offers radiant natural light. Not to mention panoramic views and spacious layouts, a circular apartment is the future of luxury developments.

Circular houses

The advantages of circular apartments

So what makes circular apartments a fantastic property investment? Here are some of the reasons we believe that these types of luxury apartments are better than villas or standard apartment blocks.

  • Iconic architecture. Circular apartments offer an incomparable architectural style that can’t be found in conventional villas or apartment blocks. Not only will you leave guests in awe of your holiday home or investment property, but you’ll also have no issue selling it in the future – if you choose to do so. With such a unique form and layout, these apartments sell fast as buyers don’t want to miss out on a great investment opportunity.
  • Open plan living. These apartments offer seamless functional spaces that allow you to relax in comfort and style. The open plan living space offers versatility when it comes to interior design and plenty of opportunities to add your own personal touch. The glass features and large patio doors mean the inside merges harmoniously with the outdoor patio and allows you to enjoy the beautiful weather all year round.
  • Exceptional roof terrace. In a warm climate, the outdoor areas are essential. With circular apartments, the upper apartment comes with its own stunning private rooftop terrace that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. With a pool, jacuzzi and an outdoor kitchen, you’re equipped for the perfect night of hosting. With unbeatable views and just a few short steps from the rest of the apartment, you’ll enjoy lounging on your terrace on warm sunny days.

Make the most of life with a luxury circular apartment in Spain

We believe circular apartments offer the very best in luxury living. With 300º open views, an exclusive private terrace, an entire floor to yourself and unparalleled amenities, you can enjoy life to the fullest. It’s never been a better time to make an investment in a property that delivers a first-rate living experience.

Find beautiful luxury circular apartments in Spain with Wilma Sierra Blanca, a prestigious property developer with properties in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and the USA. With some impressive properties under our belt, The View Marbella is another development added to our portfolio that offers buyers the very best in luxury living. Our circular apartments are unique and high-quality buildings that exceed expectations and offer an unrivalled luxury lifestyle. Contact us today for more information.

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