Threee singular circular houses: out Atlas Building is a unique masterpiece

Interview with Pedro Rodriguez in our circular houses

Are you looking for a unique piece of real estate, a trophy asset in the Costa del Sol? Here at The View Marbella we have a kind of properties that doesn’t exist in the market. We are talking of our three circular houses. The properties of our Atlas building are already for sale.

The apartments in our architectural gem The Atlas Building not only have magnificent 360° views from every room but every circular houses also have incredible surrounding terraces and the penthouse a breathtaking roof terrace that will blow you away.

In this new post we would like to present you these three singular apartments located in a cylindrical building, one of a kind. For this purpose, our Sales Executive Alexandra Wilsens interviews Pedro Antonio Rodríguez, our managing partner of Wilma Sierra Blanca.

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Our circular building is “a really emblematic piece of architecture for Marbella”: Pedro A. Rodríguez

Alexandra Wilsens: Good morning, everyone. Today we are in the penthouse of our circular houses, and I’m here with Pedro Antonio Rodriguez, our managing partner of Wilma Sierra Blanca, and we are going to ask him some questions about this beautiful penthouse.

Pedro A. Rodríguez: Good morning, Alexandra. Thank you.

Alexandra Wilsens: So why did you design a circular block in our project?

Pedro A. Rodríguez: Well, first of all, the location and the views of the plot allowed us to invest and design something really special. Normally, in 100 unit project like this, you’d standardize buildings, and we were left with the most prominent special corner of the property with 360 degree views, but not enough space to put another one of those beautiful buildings. And we decided to go for this cylindrical building, one of a kind, a really emblematic piece of architecture for Marbella.

Alexandra Wilsens: So what would you highlight about the apartments?

Pedro A. Rodríguez: Owning a completely unique piece of real estate, a trophy asset in Marbella, a one off that no one has anything like this. Glass courtyard that runs through the center of the whole building, one apartment per level, panoramic views from every room, living room, bedroom, even bathrooms. It is something that I don’t think it really exists in the market, unless in a format of luxury penthouses or luxury apartments like this.

We decided to go for this cylindrical building, one of a kind, a really emblematic piece of architecture for Marbella.

Circular houses

“The round building was a piece of trophy real estate”

Alexandra Wilsens: What about the location?

Pedro A. Rodríguez: Well, Alexandra, with those views behind you, I think that there’s not much else, really, to say. Direct proximity, direct access to all the golf courses in the Golf Valley at the foot of The View, access to the town road. I think you’re in the best location you could possibly be in, close to everything without the pressure of living in the center.

Alexandra Wilsens: What makes the view Marbella, and specifically this round building different than other projects?

Pedro A. Rodríguez: The View Marbella, as we know, is based around the concept of exceptionally large two, three, and four bedroom apartments. The architecture stands out clearly with the curves that we see. Everything has become angular in the last ten years, and this is timeless architecture. And then the round building was a piece of trophy real estate, like we were saying, an investment in something that will always be unique, therefore providing secure investments, and I think in the immediate term now, an amazing place to enjoy your time in Marbella and to invite guests to enjoy the opportunity of spending some days in an amazing home like this, overlooking all of the amazing city of Marbella.

Alexandra Wilsens: As a final question, what is your favourite feature of these circular houses?

Pedro A. Rodríguez: Not an easy question, because there’s so many things that we love about this project, so many things that we’re proud of around building like this. Such a unique piece of real estate would normally be a standalone villa, a property that one would build for themselves, right? You have this amazing piece of real estate within the conveniences and services of a luxury community, like the five pools, an indoor 25 meters pool, an outdoor 25 meters pool, the health club, the spa, the Techno gym equipped training areas and so on, right? So to have all of those services, the security, accompanying this unique piece of real estate that you can lock up and leave, I think is an amazing proposition to own something not only special, but convenient and cost efficient for you to be able to enjoy your time in Marbella.

Alexandra Wilsens: Perfect. Okay, well, thank you for this interview.

Pedro A. Rodríguez: Thank you, Alexandra.

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