What concierge service can you expect at The View Marbella?

A great way to make sure that your trip is as comfortable and luxurious as possible is to use a concierge service. Able to do things like private chauffeuring, personal training, gaining admission and organising charters, it’s a great way to save time and avoid the hassle of organising several things at once.

Here’s an outline of what is usually involved in concierge services:

What is The View Marbella?

Since the mid twentieth century when Prince Alfonso de Hohenlohe took a liking to the small agricultural town, Marbella has become a statement location and synonymous with the very concept of luxury.

The View is a complex of high-end apartments that sits between Marbella and Benahavís with quick and easy access to the gorgeous beaches below and the two town centres. This makes it a great location regardless of whether you’d like to enjoy some beach sports, relax by the pool, do some city trips or go for walks.

What is a concierge service?

A concierge is essentially a person or company that is available to help a client in their day-to-day lives. The intention is to remove the hassle and increase the comfort of the client’s most basic needs like travelling and cooking. They will organise everything from flight and hotel bookings to suggesting and organising event admissions and other VIP privileges.

Mobility Concierge

Mobility concierge is the branch of service that tends to the client’s transportation needs. This can range from straightforward car rental to luxury chartering services.

Car rental: Cars are extremely convenient when travelling. There is enough space to move lots of luggage and belongings, they’re relatively quick and there’s a good amount of comfort. Concierge services can organise car rental for you so that you can skip out on the boring paperwork and get straight to exploring!

Flights and Hotels: One of the biggest hassles when travelling is organising flights and setting up pre- and post-flight transport. This often needs to be timed very accurately and can take a long time to set up. The View’s concierge service can sort out these needs so that all you need to do is relax and enjoy the travelling experience.

Chartering: When we think of luxury VIP apartments and exclusivity, helicopters and yachts often come to mind. Our concierge service can charter various vehicles for you, should you wish to explore in style. Perhaps you’d like to charter a yacht for a few days or fancy a helicopter ride to see Marbella’s gorgeous coastline from a height? Whatever it is, be assured that our services will make sure you travel in luxury, style and comfort.

Domestic concierge staff

When travelling, there’s always a broad range of factors that you’ll need to consider. Whether it’s the level of security, how catering will be prepared, how to get around the place or how to stay active, there are a lot of things to think about.

Cleaning: If there’s one thing that detracts from a high level of luxury and comfort, it’s cleaning. Our concierge services wish to see their clients as happy and comfortable as possible. We can clean your apartment so that you’re able to spend more time exploring or relaxing. Our cleaning services are to the highest standard and there to support your every need.

Private Chef: For some people, food is the reason they choose to travel to a particular place. Although it’s an amazing way to connect to the local culture, you might lack the desire to cook, so our concierge service is a great alternative. Rather than having to source the ingredients and spend time cooking, we can provide you with the best of the best from a broad variety of cuisines. Our chefs can tailor their cooking to meet your exact needs, whether it be timing, dietary, or otherwise.

Chauffeur: One step further than a car rental is a private chauffeur. You’ll save time by having a private chauffeur as you won’t need to drive yourself, which greatly increases the comfort of your stay. When you go for a city trip, for example, you won’t need to worry about parking and other factors. Instead, you just need to focus on relaxing and enjoying the views!

Personal Trainer: Perhaps you want to keep fit and active whilst you’re away from home. Part of our concierge services includes a personal trainer so that you don’t need to worry about planning your workouts. Whenever you’re ready to train just give them a heads up and you’ll have a full-qualified and very experienced health coach to guide you through your activities and help you reach your goals.

Security: One major thing to consider when travelling is the security of yourself, whoever you’re with, and all belongings that are brought. Our concierge service means that you won’t need to worry about this again as we can provide a range of security measures to ensure that you’re safe at all times.

VIP concierge treatment

Concierge services can also include a variety of VIP options. Whether it’s for last minute event admission or for educational purposes, we’ll have it covered so that you can spend more time enjoying your stay.

Bookings: Our concierges know all the best spots in Marbella to drink, eat and have fun. Using their extensive networks, they can book you a huge range of venues and tables at the most luxurious restaurants and bars in the area.

Exclusive Last-minute Treatment: Perhaps there are some events being put on that caught your eye but which you didn’t get tickets to. If this is the case then our concierges will be able to find means to have you admitted last-minute.

Spa, Hair and Beauty: Another staple luxury service is spa, hair and beauty. We can rejuvenate your skin with face masks and other treatments and we can address any soreness or pains via our spa treatment. Not only this but they can also tend to your hair if you need a haircut or if you’re going out and they can also do your makeup so that you look as gorgeous as you are comfortable!

Education: Some people are reluctant to travel because they think it’ll interfere with any exams or tests coming up. We can source you a top-quality tutor who can help you with your studying and preparations. This means that you can progress your academic or career whilst also relaxing and exploring everything Marbella has to offer!

Property management


You also won’t need to worry about the maintenance of your residence. Our concierge service includes a massive amount of maintenance factors which mean you won’t need to lift a finger. We complete weekly checks of the property to ensure that it’s in top working condition to fit your needs.

All basic maintenance factors are taken care of, including plumbing, electrical work and air conditioning. On top of this, we can paint and redecorate for you and we can also do your shopping and ensure that the fridge is stocked. If you have any vehicles with you then we can maintain these for the duration of your stay. Lastly, we also run a secure keyholding operation so that, should you lose your keys, you won’t be inconvenienced for long whilst we quickly source you a replacement.

A concierge service is an excellent way to make sure that you spend as much time travelling, exploring and relaxing as possible. It does this by cutting out the organization, stress and hassle that comes with having to factor in a whole range of things like cooking, driving, cleaning and security. From personal training to chartering, a key principle for us here at The View is that our concierge services will be able to cover your specific requirements.

If you have any questions about our concierge services, or if you’d like to find out about our luxury apartment complex, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling (+34) 952 907 294 today!


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