Ten signs you’ve found your dream home in Spain

Ten signs you’ve found your dream home in Spain

Are you looking for your dream home in Spain? Home to some of the world’s finest views, weather, hotels, resorts and golf courses, the Costa del Sol is one of Spain’s highest-profile destinations for homeowners. Typically located in gated, expertly maintained private complexes, properties in Spain are found in private, secluded locations, offering high levels of security.

Knowing when you’ve found the perfect property in Spain will depend on a handful of factors, and can naturally differ depending on the individual, but for the most part, there are a number of specific factors many ex-pats consider when thinking of purchasing property in Spain. Below, we take a closer look at ten signs you’ve found your dream home in Spain.

1. Instinctive decision: you feel this is your home in Spain

Make no mistake; most of our daily decisions are based purely on instinct, and this is much the same when it comes to making key decisions over purchasing a property. When viewing a property that you have placed under consideration as a potential purchase, it’s often a gut feeling that truly drives your decision making in the end. How does the property make you feel on instinct? Does it give you that special feeling you can’t even describe? Listen to that gut feeling; it knows more than you could possibly believe.

How does the property make you feel on instinct? Does it give you that special feeling you can not even describe? Listen to that gut feeling.

2. Comfortable environment around the property

When viewing a property in Spain, take note of the environment, both externally and internally. How does it make you feel? Do you feel comfortable? And of course, most importantly, do you feel like you could live there? A smart way of knowing if you’ve found your dream home in Spain is walking into a property that isn’t yours, but it feels like it could be. If you’re opening cupboards, closets and shower curtains with a degree of curiosity and excitement, you may have found your dream home already.


3. Overlooking flaws, a key sign you’ve found your dream home

If you find yourself making early excuses for potential flaws or faults within a property, this is a sure sign you’ve already fallen in love with it and made a subconscious decision over a purchase. When we truly love something, in our own eyes we tend to ignore all the flaws, no matter how noticeable they may be. If your realtor is offering some caveats to your dream home, and you find yourself excited by the challenge of carrying out small fixes or complete renovation works, you’ve probably found your dream home already.

4. This property is on your mind (a lot!)

A surefire way to know you’ve found your dream house is when you’re completely unable to think or talk about anything else! If you’ve found yourself telling your friends, family or loved ones about a property you’ve recently viewed in the Costa del Sol, and can think of little else but living there, chances are you’ve found your dream property. Think of viewing a property for the first time as a first date, if you go home and immediately start thinking about it, you already know it’s the one.

5. Stopped your search of homes in Spain

If you decide you’ve had enough of viewing properties in Spain, particularly after viewing somewhere specific that piqued your interest, you’ll probably want to stop your search and put down an offer. If you’ve become immediately drawn to the idea of stopping your property search, it’s probably because you've already found the perfect property in Spain.

6. Space for the future in your dream home

If you're thinking of starting a family, your perfect dream home will need at least one spare bedroom, and a beautiful garden to play in. Finding your dream house requires more than simply thinking about the now. Instead, a perfect dream house should be chosen with the future in mind. Equally, a dream house in Spain should have everything you’ve ever wanted, a balcony, a swimming pool, close proximity to some of the finest golf courses the world over, you name it, it can be yours. When thinking of your dream home in Spain; think of the future.

7. No second thoughts

As with any important decision we make during our lives, having second thoughts is pretty natural. Fear and doubt creeping in is often a sign that you’re not entirely comfortable or sure of the decision you have made and could potentially even suggest you are regretting it deep down. If you’ve purchased a property in Spain, and have found yourself enjoying the beautiful views, weather and communal living, chances are you’ll be free of regret too.

8. Everything planned ahead

If you’ve recently viewed a Spanish property, and have spent the entire time since imagining how you’re going to fill the space with your own furniture, personal touches and style choices, you’ve likely found your dream home already/ when viewing a property, decisions are often based around if and how you see yourself existing within the space. If you’ve viewed a property and imagined yourself relaxing on a sofa, or lounging in bed, you’ve probably found your dream home already.

9. Feel at home when you walk through the house

The most important factor of all; if your potential property purchase immediately feels like home, you should go ahead and buy it. Walking into a home that provides you with that natural instinct, gut feeling or emotional reaction is a huge factor when making a decision, so if you get a little buzz in your stomach when you walk through the front door, it really could be the perfect property for you.

10. Checks the boxes

If your potential property in Spain checks all of the above boxes, or at the very least, the majority of them, then you’ve definitely provided yourself with a great opportunity of purchasing the perfect home in Spain. Combining amenities with location, environment and your natural instincts, will help make sure you’ve checked all the boxes and have found the property of your dreams in Spain.

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Providing state of the art contemporary homes, we aim to fill the gap in the market for luxurious real estate developments on the Costa del Sol. We plan to be the leading luxury developer in Costa del Sol and be recognised worldwide for our reliability and our commitment to exceeding our client's and investors’ expectations.

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