Real estate developers in Spain – challenges faced in 2022

Big challenges for a real estate developers in Spain

Real estate developers in Spain has faced a number of challenges in recent years, including the hiatus of the Covid-19 lockdowns, fluctuations in global markets, and labour and material availability which have all had an impact on the sector. We are now entering a post-pandemic world which has changed working practices. While logistical factors such as the availability of materials stabilised, the commencement of the war in Ukraine issued its own challenges, the full effects of which have yet to become clear.

The real estate market in Marbella continues to be buoyant, in spite of global challenges, with Andalucía seeing a 6,5% increase in house prices over the past year. Factors such as new technology and consumer demand for an increase in energy efficiency drive construction innovation. The effect of Covid on building design has also been notable, with the experience of lockdown being absorbed into the architectural vernacular.

How building design has evolved post-pandemic

The Covid epidemic has highlighted the need for flexible building design, as the popularity of working from home has surged and looks set to be a trend that persists into normal working life.

This shift is likely to have a lasting impact on the way we approach real estate development in the future. Exterior space, always attractive but even more so now, comes at a premium. Large terraces that almost mirror the square meterage of the interior space offer residents a greater opportunity to relax or entertain at home with a greater emphasis being put on an indoor/ outdoor lifestyle.

Apartments with a generous internal area that offers the possibility of creating an office, either in a spare room or a quiet corner, have also become a prerequisite as the trend of working from home looks set to become an accepted part of normal working life. Such spaces also reflect family life as they can additionally double as school desks for studying and homework.

We note an increased interest in exclusive apartment complexes that boast state-of-the-art gyms and wellness areas. With restrictions lifted, many still prefer the luxury of exercising in private areas rather than in large public spaces as a lifestyle choice. Attractive gardens and communal zones that are well-designed to offer spacious leisure areas to residents without busy crowds are also attractive amenities for those wishing to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.

We note an increased interest in exclusive apartment complexes that boast state-of-the-art gyms and wellness areas.

Virtual reality – video visits and Zoom calls

Communications technology in the real estate sales process has advanced considerably and the industry has seen a boom in remote visits from buyers. The tools for showing clients around properties have become part of the real estate agent’s everyday armoury.

With virtual tours and Zoom calls, real estate developers in Spain can provide potential buyers with detailed and immersive views of properties without the need for in-person viewings. Most agents have seen a rise in overseas clients keen to undertake video tours rather than visit in person, particularly in the luxury real estate sector.

State-of-the-art BIM methodology – designing WilmaSB projects

One trend that has been around for several years but has begun to gain traction in the Spanish industry is the digitisation of construction as well as automated manufacturing processes such as modular fabrication.

Building Information Modelling, or BIM as it has become known, is a methodology that is becoming integral to real estate developers facing modern challenges in the construction industry. It is based on the digital conflagration of the architecture, engineering and construction industries and is indicative of the digital transformation of the building sector.

This methodology enables the built environment to be tracked in a 3D format from inception with architectural drawings, throughout the process to predicted project outcomes. The methodology has enabled more creative design and data management across the lifecycle of the project and is generating interesting and innovative outcomes throughout the industry.

As one of the best real estate developers in Spain, Wilma Sierra Blanca is at the forefront of innovation, designing buildings with BIM methodology.

Industrialised construction

Industrialised construction refers to components of buildings that can be put together off-site, for example construction elements such as slabs or panels, that can be manufactured in factories where the environment is controlled and many elements can be completed at once.

The benefits of industrialised construction are legion, with many traditional building challenges eliminated. Problems such as inclement weather, or material or labour shortages can be eradicated as elements are manufactured on a production line in a factory. For example, volumetric modular systems can enable entire buildings to be manufactured off-site and then quickly assembled at the construction location.

This construction method is eco-friendly thanks to the precision technology used to reduce waste and facilitate the recycling of leftover materials. The production techniques employed ensure high-quality control through standardised fabrication and checks at every stage of the manufacturing process. As a result, the finished elements can be quickly and easily assembled on-site, significantly speeding up the construction process.

Wilma Sierra Blanca, for example, utilises Sismo building technology for its projects. It is an industrialized system with panels and slabs composed of concrete on the inside with expanded polystyrene panels to the outside. These contribute to impressive savings in energy in the finished building due to thermal and acoustic insulation. There is no doubt that the advantages of using Sismo technology enable Wilma Sierra Blanca to build quicker, better and with stronger ecological credentials than traditional construction methods.

Wilma Sierra Blanca, for example, utilises Sismo building technology for its projects.

Energy efficiency at the forefront of design and construction

There can be no doubt that environmental awareness is one of the biggest challenges for real estate developers, given both local and international concerns about the impact of the built environment on the natural world. Not only are environmental factors a concern, but with energy prices stealing headlines across the globe, financial issues must also be taken into consideration.

Traditional construction had changed very little for decades until digitisation and industrialisation of the industry began to gain traction. As these techniques have enabled greater precision, they have also led to a reduction in waste, with modern materials offering better insulation and greater energy efficiency.

One of the significant motives for employing Sismo building technology was its strong energy-saving credentials. This enabled The View Marbella to become one of the first apartment complexes to be awarded a Class A energy efficiency system, allowing for more than 35% energy savings in the residences.

Wilma Sierra Blanca was determined to meet the challenge of maintaining energy efficiency at all stages of the construction process, with building orientation that takes full advantage of natural light, and renewable energy sources such as solar panels and aerothermal technology that contribute to keeping the carbon footprint of the development to a minimum.

Building challenges -looking ahead

At Wilma Sierra Blanca, we are looking ahead to the new year with enthusiasm. We are preparing the second phase of The View Marbella and expect that incorporating our energy-efficient materials and building systems combined with innovative architectural methods will create yet another acclaimed development. With a track record of producing high-quality, exclusive apartments in one of the most coveted areas of Southern Spain, we are optimistic that the Marbella real estate market will continue to thrive. We anticipate the continued success of The View Marbella and Phase II in particular and are confident that the quality of our development, combined with a creative outlook and high attention to detail will maintain its appeal for buyers as Wilma Sierra Blanca goes from strength to strength in 2023. We would like to take this opportunity to wish our readers a happy festive season and a prosperous New Year!

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