Importance of viewing a show flat before buying

Why you should always take the opportunity to view a show flat

It takes a special skill to be able to fully envisage a finished apartment from scrutinising plans or sketches in marketing materials. Many individuals struggle to accurately visualise the dimensions from lines on a page, therefore a visit to a show flat a necessity for some, rather than a luxury. A show flat offers the opportunity for clients to bring their imagination to life, as lines transform into walls and ceiling. So, if you have a chance to visit the show flat of an off-plan apartment, we have a few suggestions as to why you should jump at the chance.

  1. The opportunity to inspect build quality

Developers may go to great lengths to showcase the features and qualities of their new constructions, but a simple list of materials, fixtures and fittings may not be sufficient to fully convey the final product. The tactile experience of a solid door, the walking around the functional layout of appliances in a kitchen or laundry room, and other similar details all combine to the overall perception of the quality of the apartment.

2. Gauge the flow

Stepping into the show flat for the first time sets the tone for the entire experience, it being instantly clear if the apartment possesses the ‘wow!’ factor. First impressions are crucial, and the initial moments spent inside the apartment will likely mirror the feelings every time you open the door to your new property. Don’t forget that the developer has likely employed a top-notch interior designer, so, hard as it might be, try to look past furniture and colour palettes in favour of flow. What is flow? Flow refers to the ease of movement throughout the space. Does the distribution of the rooms make logical sense? Is it effortless to get from kitchen to dining area, or living area to bathroom? If the flow is smooth and seamless, it will likely make for a comfortable living experience.

Stepping into the show flat for the first time sets the tone for the entire experience, it being instantly clear if the apartment possesses the ‘wow!’ factor.

3. Be inspired by interior design

While taste is deeply personal, it can be overwhelming for many to buy a new apartment that is essentially a blank canvas. The developer’s interior designer will have long experience examining space and maximising its potential. The task of an interior designer in a luxury development is to make the area look as inviting, stylish and comfortable as possible, therefore, spending time in a show flat is a great opportunity to get some ideas for what looks good, what works where and conversely, what you don’t like. Take advantage of this opportunity as much as possible, as it allows you to see the potential of the space without having to do the work yourself.

3 bedroom apartment

4. Location, location location

While you may not be buying the show flat itself, it will give you a sense of the development’s location and its surrounding area. How long is the school run, or the trip to the office in the morning? Glossy brochures can be useful in gleaning an idea of views and convenience of amenities, standing in the development itself offers vital information such as noise levels, access to roads or amenities as well as position relative to the sun.

Sun worshippers will want to maximise their sunbathing time, while those who prefer shade will be able to gauge the desirable unit for them, helping buyers make an informed decision as to where is the best place for them.

5. More location…

Not only does the position of the unit relative to neighbourhood amenities, road connections etc matter, but also being able to access the show flat will also give an idea of where you want to be relative to the facilities within the development itself. This is particularly important in luxury developments with a wide range of upscale services such as gym, wellness centres, swimming pools and exotic gardens. Parents of more independent children may prefer to be overlooking the swimming pool to keep an eye on them, while fitness fans may prefer to be closer to the fitness facilities so as to get to their workout efficiently in the mornings. Actually, standing in the show flat offers an opportunity to grasp the scale and layout of the development.

6. 0pportunity to ask questions

Availing yourself of a guided tour can offer the perfect opportunity to ask questions of the representative showing you around. Buying a luxury apartment is a big commitment, and not to be done lightly, so ask away. Make a list of questions before you go and don’t be shy while you are wandering around. If you have specific needs, for example, easy access from the garage to the apartment, it’s the ideal opportunity to evaluate how the apartment will fit into your daily life and routine.

7. What options do you have?

When buying off-plan, you may be fortunate enough to be offered extra features or options that can be modified or included to personalise the apartment just how you want it. Some luxury developments, as we do at The View Marbella, will offer added extras such a swimming pool or outdoor kitchen and barbeque. Not only does this potentially save you having to go through further remodelling should you decide to add amenities once you have taken possession of the property, it will also ensure that the qualities of the fixtures and fittings align with the overall style of the apartment. Having input in the finished apartment can also make it a more valuable investment, with added amenities not present in other units, while also making it an even more enjoyable living experience.

The ability to physically walk through a show flat and gain a sense of the property’s potential for meeting all your needs, whether it be as primary residence, holiday home, or investment, is, in our opinion, an essential step in the buying process. A show flair allows you to confirm that gut feeling and have any questions or concerns addressed in real-time. We highly recommend visiting our show flat as a vital part of your decision-making process.

At The View Marbella, we would always recommend that you book an appointment to have a tour of our show flat. With interior design by Andrea Boch at Ambience, it is spectacularly laid out to show off the very best of one of our magnificent three-bedroom apartments and give an excellent representation of the true beauty and elegance of these apartments when fully furnished and prepared for occupancy, giving a glimpse of the enviable lifestyle for the potential owners.

We’d be delighted to show you round, don’t hesitate to get in touch to book your tour at The View Marbella.

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